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THE ROSE GARDEN [Mamoru's autobiography]
NOTES ON The Rose Garden

"Therefore, 'tis with full happiness that I
Will trace the story of Endymion.
The very music of the name has gone
Into my being, and each pleasant scene
Is growing fresh before me as the green
Of our own valleys: so I will begin"
- Keats, Endymion


[Publication dates are in brackets]
So Tuxie, What's Your Excuse This Time? [June 14, 1997]
A Scandal In Crystal Tokyo [June 30, 1997]
The Top 10 Reasons Usagi Is A Good Role Model For Young Girls [July 6, 1997]
Tuxedo Mask The Token Male [July 30, 1997]
Queen Of Diamonds [Oct. 12, 1997]
Usagi's Dark Day At The Dentist [Nov. 2, 1997]
The Nightmare Part II[Nov. 17, 1997]
Fiore: The Turning Point[Dec. 6, 1997]
From Wherever I Am To You [May 18, 1998]
Seiko, Part 1 [Jul. 30, 1998]
Seiko, Part 2 [Jul. 30, 1998]
Seiko, Part 3 [Jul. 30, 1998]

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The Rose Garden, Chapters 1 - 10 [Aug. 2, 1997 - Aug. 7, 2000]

Chapter 1: The Nightmare
Chapter 2: Bitter Regrets
Chapter 3: Why Am I Here?
Chapter 4: Alone
Chapter 5: The Lamp Post Acrobat
Chapter 6: The Next Stage
Chapter 7: On The Threshold Of A Dream-------
Chapter 8: Tuxedo Kamen
Chapter 9: My Odango Atama:
Chapter 9, Part 1: And so it begins
Chapter 9, Part 2: Into The Fog
Chapter 9, Part 3: All Aboard For The Dark Kingdom
Chapter 9, Part 4: Chasing The White Rabbit
Chapter 9, Part 5: True Love Dreams
Chapter 9, Part 6: Rei and Usagi
Chapter 9, Part 7: The Masquerade Ball
Chapter 9, Part 8: My Tipsy Little Princess

Chapter 10: A Locket and a Handkerchief:
Chapter 10, Part 1: Reality Bites [July 17, 1999]
Chapter 10, Part 2: The Spectre Bride [July 26, 1999]

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Chapter 10, Part 3: Motoki Meets "Mako-chan" [July 30, 2000]
Chapter 10, Part 4: Tuxedo Moon? [August 7, 2000]

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LAST FANFIC UPDATE: August 7, 2000 -- Chapter 10, Part 4 has now been added to
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Three Cool Cats
Queen Of Hearts
Little Red Ninja Hood
The rest of Chapter 10 of The Rose Garden
[NOTE: Chapter 10 isn't finished yet. When it is, I will not only post it here, but send it to all the web sites which carry my fanfics.]
Symbolism In Sailor Moon - a reference guide

The lady in green, Esmerodo of Nemesis

TO MY ADULT READERS: The evil Esmerodo wrote a tasteless, but hilarious lemon called, "A Chibi Chibi Lemon" in April 2000 . Esmerodo is also working on a much darker lemon fanfic called "Through A Glass Darkly." Pandora does not write lemons, but Esmerodo does [grin]. When it's done, it will be posted at Esmerodo's Emerald City web site, not here. If you object to hentai, well, don't go there! What kind of fanfics did you THINK a sex-crazed Nemesis babe would write, anyway? ;p

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I get asked to have my fanfics added to people's fanfic archives quite a lot. It's a honour to be asked, but I have certain things that I also expect of the web site administrator who wants to use my works:

(1) DO'S:

E-mail me! /(^_^)\

Please DO e-mail me personally at and tell me which of my fanfics you read, and why you liked them. THEN ask me if you can post one or more of them on your site, and specify which ones.

DON'TS: DON'T send me a chain letter, copying me and every other fanfic writer you can think of, saying, "You guys send me your fanfics and help me with my site, only, NO HENTAI!!"

I hate receiving e-mails like that for two reasons: One, when you don't send a personal note to me, and to each of the others whose fanfics you like, you're treating us like numbers and not like people with feelings. Group letters like that verge on being rude--you want a favour, our fanfics. Be nice enough to ask each of us personally for that favour.

Two, if you don't know if my fanfics are hentai or not, I guess you didn't read them first, did you? It's your site, and you are the one who is asking for fanfics for your site, so it's YOUR job to check if the fanfics are acceptable for your site. Don't ask the fanfic authors to do your screening for you. If I send a fanfic to you, without your asking me, then yes, it would be a courtesy for me to rate it first, but the all the best fanfic archive administrators read through fanfics before accepting them for their site. If you can't be bothered to screen the fanfics first, then just accept them all, as A Sailor Moon Romance does--you can't have it both ways.

(2) I reserve the right to review your site first and check it for things like spelling and grammar errors. I am proud of my work and like it to be presented well. Some people have written book reports on my fan fiction, and their teachers are pleasantly surprised that I take the time to proofread my work. For those readers, I not only want them to enjoy reading the fanfic, I want their English teacher to give them an A on the book report! If it's on a site with a lot of errors, that makes a poor impression.

I also prefer to be on a site that is fast-loading and allows readers to get to the fanfics quickly, even if they have an old browser and a slow modem.

If you don't care about my readers who don't have the money for a cable modem or a T-1 connection and the newest software and hardware, well, I do! I want everyone with an Internet connection to be able to read them for free and print them if they want, anywhere in the world. That's why I wrote them. I didn't write them just for the people who can probably afford a library of books and the best of everything.

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Fiore:The Turning Point is Mamoru's version of the Sailor Moon R Movie. In some ways, I am the most proud of this completed story, which allows me to share my love for the R Movie, my very favourite of all the SM episodes. If you enjoyed The Rose Garden, you are bound to love this one. It is here Mamoru comes to realize just how much he loves Usagi.

Queen of Diamonds introduces the sinister Diamondo a.k.a. Prince Diamond, the sexiest male on SM, except, of course, for Mamoru, IMO. He and Tuxedo Mask never got a chance to really confront one another in the series, so here, I have remedied that. It is my darkest and most suspenseful short fic. In the near future, I intend to continue this story, using the manga version of events--though I am sure I will draw on Episode 83 of R also, which is my favourite episode--and my working title is Queen Of Hearts. For a hint of the content, have a look at Volume 5, Act 18 of the Sailor Moon manga, and ask yourself--exactly what did Usagi give Mamoru for his 18th birthday [snicker]?

The Nightmare Part II continues Chapter 1 of The Rose Garden. Mamoru finally confronts the nightmare that haunts his past and future, and his recurrent fears for his princess.

Usagi's Dark Day At The Dentist is the first of the hilarious Super S episodes as re-told by Mamoru, based on Episode 153. Here's one story which is much funnier in the anime version than the manga version. In the manga, it's Usagi's Dad who takes the protesting Usagi to the dentist. In the anime, Mamoru takes her. Must be the only time she didn't want to go somewhere with her beloved Mamo-chan! You can tell already, can't you, that this is Usagi and Mamoru as you've never seen them before. And yes, it's one of the few occasions that Mamoru gets jealous! So prepare for a totally different kind of Sailor Moon story.... This fanfic, like The Rose Garden, has also been translated into German as Usagis schwarzer Tag beim Zahnarzt by Helena Lichtmess of SMOF in Germany.

Seiko is also in this humorous style, and two more humorous Super S fanfics will follow soon, Three Cool Cats, where Artemis first meets his future daughter, Diana, and Little Red Ninja Hood, which contains the infamous scene where Rei surprises Mamoru in the bath, and makes Usagi and Yuuchirou furious with jealousy.

From Wherever I Am To You covers the time when Tuxedo Kamen has just been captured by Queen Beryl. It answers a mystery that has haunted fans for years i.e. why did Tuxedo Kamen allow himself to be brainwashed by Queen Beryl? The surprise answer, which gives the reader the first glimpses of Tuxedo Kamen's mental powers, comes here. Romantic content very high in this one, but also mature content, though nothing that could class this story as a "lemon." So if you're looking for more of Chiba Mamoru's autobiography, here's something to keep you going for now.

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The Rose Garden* (Chiba Mamoru's autobiography in progress):

*AUTHOR'S NOTE: For some reason, people keep getting this title wrong, and I've no idea why :( It's only ONE Rose Garden, not Rose Gardens, it's two words, Rose Garden, not Rosegarden or rosegarden, and there's a "The" in the title. Phew! Now that Sailor Spell-Check, my alter-ego has straightened that one out, she feels better. Think I'm nitpicking? Some day, that lack of attention to detail will get a boss annoyed at you on the job some day. In my job, if a letter goes out to the public with so much as a comma or hyphen missing, or where it shouldn't be, all 8 copies of the letter have to be re-typed! Yes, it matters. If you like a story you've read, try to remember the title correctly--your computer search engine won't find it in the database if it's typed wrongly, either. The only other title which is acceptable is Der Rosengarten --yes, my fan fiction has been translated into German ;-) The German version, translated by Helena Lichtmess, is available on the following site:

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About The Rose Garden, my rule of thumb is, first follow the manga [using Alex Glover's translations of the Sailor Moon manga on the Net], then, if it's not enough, use the anime version, and blend the two [which is quite a trick!] and only use a completely anime story if it helps you understand Mamoru's character.

Chapter 10, not yet finished, will cover the introductions of Sailors Jupiter and Venus, Tuxedo Kamen revealing his true identity to Usagi/Sailor Moon, and finishing with his capture by Queen Beryl. If all you've seen is the anime, and never read the manga version, which is what I'm doing here, prepare yourself for one very important difference: Mamoru finds out who Sailor Moon is, and decides to reveal his true identity to her, well before he is captured by the Dark Kingdom.

It's apparent that he's already in love with her at this point. In fact, he is so in love, that he is deeply ashamed, when Sailor Venus is able to save Sailor Moon's life, but he, Tuxedo Kamen, was helpless to protect her on that occasion. It is then that he vows never to let her down like that again, and that is why he later gets wounded, trying to protect her, and the Dark Kingdom captures him.

I think this version of the story is far more romantic than the anime version. Who says that the hero, to be a hero, has to save the girl every single time? Here's a hero who wasn't able to, just once, and thinks he has failed his true love--but she loves him just the same, because he always tries his best. And from then on, because she believes in him, he strives ever harder to prove himself worthy of her, and is never afraid to risk his life to protect her.

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Because I'm doing things from Mamoru's POV, I may not cover everything in the Sailor Moon saga, so you may not see many stories from the S season [which focuses on Sailors Uranus & Neptune] or Stars season [which focuses on the Three Lights]. No idea how many chapters the completed The Rose Garden will be! Depends how long it takes to get through the story! Also, I haven't yet decided whether I will end the story at Usagi and Mamoru's wedding day, or go on and cover Crystal Tokyo in any detail.

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I can guarantee you this, minna-san:

1. NO Dark Fanfics--I am NOT into downer, unhappy endings, and neither are my readers, from what they tell me. Sailor Moon will NOT be gunned down in a hail of bullets in the first paragraph [one fanfic writer actually wrote a story like that--he wondered why he only had 3 readers *snicker*], nor will Tuxedo Kamen be separated from Sailor Moon for years and years either--I'm too much of a softie for that ;p

2. I will stick to the manga, or the anime plots fairly closely. If I bring in a new story, it has to fit in with what's already there, not take the story in a new direction. What happened in "Queen Of Diamonds" and "From Wherever I Am To You" will not be found in Naoko's manga, but you can nicely fit them in between the actual events in the manga--they COULD have happened.

I am not someone who plots and plans a huge outline like some writers. I let whatever wants to, come welling up from my sub-conscious, and tell me where it wants to go next. But I intend to get through the Queen Beryl saga as closely to the manga version as I can. That's as concrete information as you'll get from me, at this point. I may be as surprised as you are, at what I finally decide to write. That may sound wacky, but it does work for me as a writer!

3. I will NOT idealize Mamoru or Usagi. It may be thought to be more romantic to make them *perfect*, as some writers like to do, but real life isn't like that. The person you fall in love with, won't likely be perfect either, and nor are you and I perfect [though parts of us are excellent, it goes without saying >;-) ]

Mamoru and Usagi, as both Naoko and the anime writers depict them, are real people, with flaws. That doesn't mean you can't love each of them, for the good qualities in each of them, flaws and all.

Lastly, I will always have some comic elements, even in my more dramatic works. This, by the way, is consistent with Naoko's vision--she always has some funny scenes for both Usagi and Mamoru, and this happens even more in the anime episodes. Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen, let's face it, is a wonderful *straight man* for the outrageous Usagi [grin]. But I promise to never actually make the characters silly.


I LOVE hearing from readers of my fan fiction. Your e-mail is the only pay I get, and hearing you enjoyed it is worth more than cold, hard cash, any day. So please drop me a line by clicking the little box below:

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