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Yes, my legal given name REALLY is Pandora--beware Net imposters! ;p  Just below this box is my Menu--ladies and gentlemen, start clicking!Mamoru & Usagi say: Click on any of the menu boxes below to open Pandora's Box of Goodies



If you clicked on "Pandora's Box" above, I hope you liked my little joke--nobody ever believes that my name is really Pandora, because it's become a popular pseudonym amongst women who think it sounds exotic [lucky me ;p], so here's a fake driver's licence with me as Jane Q. Public--the date of birth is fake too.


If my mother had known that one day, my name would be used, or should I say, MISused, for everything from Anne Rice's vampire book [BTW, the vampire's real name is Lydia, anyway, not Pandora ;p] to Pandora Peaks [don't ask, but Ms. Peaks owes a LOT to silicone and Clairol, and I don't ;p], maybe she would have chosen another name. Personally, the Anne whose fantasy-genre books I'd rather read is McCaffrey, not Rice. So if you're looking for Ms. Peaks, or you're an Anne Rice Goth, or you're looking for some other "fake" Pandora, sorry, but you came to the wrong place. >;-) The Net is full of folks who pretend to be what they're not, but I'm Pandora Waldron, and what you see is what you get.


Can't you tell from the way I ramble that I'm a writer? The writing bug started really early, in Grade 2, when the school principal was asked to read one of my stories. Yes, I write for a living, but it's not journalism or novels--it's public service related correspondence, reports, etc. for the Ontario government. My Net writing endeavours include poetry and anime fan fiction, specifically, Sailor Moon. All the free things that you can read, see and hear on the Net are like a huge, wonderful candy store, and my writing is my own contribution to the free eye candy.

What I like best about the Internet, though, is having fans e-mail me from different cities and countries all over the world. If you, like me, want to keep the Net a *free* place of information and entertainment, please respect the intellectual property of the people who post all this free stuff for you. That means, before you copy or quote from my fan fiction or poetry on another web site, please e-mail me at for permission first.


My poetry has appeared on the mailing list support group SPALS - Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss Support, a wonderful,caring group of women who have helped me when I needed it most. Do you know someone who has lost their child? It's OK to talk about it; a mother comes to terms with it, but we never, never forget.

Click here to go to the Poetry & Prose page, dedicated to
 the memory of Rhiannon Roxane


Madoka & big sis Myrna

DEDICATION: My poetry, and all the fan fiction on this site is dedicated to the memory of my baby daughter, Rhiannon Roxane, born February 1, 1997, and died one short month later, March 4, 1997 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Many more children die of SIDS in a year than all who die of cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, child abuse, AIDS, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy combined. A sobering thought, isn't it? We definitely need more research into this silent baby killer.

Some poetry on this site has been written for my bright, beautiful daughter, Myrna, who was an anime Otaku long before I was, and got me into Sailor Moon, et al--Fushigi Yuugi is her current fave. Myrna is not only another budding writer, but she has a talent for anime fan art AND putting together web pages; I'm very proud of her. Myrna also contributed a story to the interactive game, the Sailor Moon Adventure Story. BTW, Myrna did most of the original work to create this web page and its banners, not me! Myrna knows HTML codes very well, but I am now starting to catch up [grin]. Yes, old dogs CAN learn new tricks /(^_~)\

Click here to go to Myrna's Naoko Takeuchi art gallery!

MYRNA'S OTHER ANIME SITES: Please visit Myrna's Fushigi Yuugi web page, her Nuriko shrine, [yes that's FY also ;-) ]and her Magic Knights Rayearth page.

CHIBI CHIBI MADOKA IS ONE YEAR OLD!!A recent pic of  Madoka in her new Sailor Moon kimono.  Even Chibi Chibi was never THIS *kawaii* ;-) Click on this pic to go to Madoka's birthday page photo gallery.

A milestone--can you believe it? My youngest daughter, Madoka, turned one year old on November 7, 1999. For those of you wondering what the "CHIBI CHIBI" means, my anime Net friends call my two girls "Chibi M" (Myrna) and "Chibi Chibi M" (Madoka), in tribute to the characters "Chibi Usa/Sailor Chibi Moon" and "Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon" in Sailor Moon. The Japanese word "Chibi" translates as "little", "small", "tiny", or "shorty" so "Chibi M" would be "Little M" and "Chibi Chibi M" would be "Itty Bitty M." For those of you anime fans wondering, Madoka is named for the anime character Madoka in the series, Kimagure Orange Road

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By clicking on the picture above of Tuxedo Kamen, or on this link to my fanfics.html page, you can read all of my fan fiction. That includes Chiba Mamoru's [a.k.a. Tuxedo Kamen] autobiography, entitled, The Rose Garden and all the other fanfic titles.

NOTE TO MY READERS: As of January 2000, I am *FINALLY* getting over the bronchitis which has plagued me since mid-August. The bronchitis which turned into pneumonia at one point, and kept me off from work over and over again, till mid-November, is the reason that I haven't posted any new parts to Chapter 10 of The Rose Garden since late July.

However, there are a lot of things going on in my personal life right now that will keep me very busy (not that I would prefer to be in this situation) for some weeks to come. The only thing I've done since December, is post my baby nephew's (Corwin) photo album--baby pictures just can't wait, after all : ) When things get more settled, hopefully, I will be able to get back into writing. I very much appreciate your loyalty and all your e-mails, saying how much you've enjoyed my fan fiction, and I will get back to writing, once I am able to do so.


I don't have room on this page to list all the other fanfic archive web sites, besides this one, my own home page, which also carry my fanfics. But you should definitely check out the biggest Sailor Moon fanfic archiveA Sailor Moon Romance, on the Authors - W - page [My daughter Myrna's works are there,too] and consider subscribing to the mailing list pretty-soldier, which has lots of info on Sailor Moon, as well as the occasional fanfics. I send my new ones there first.

After you've checked out my site, and please use my menu at the top of this page, please visit my honourary imouto-chan, Jennifer Wand, at her Tuxedo Mask Shrine. Jen Wand has supported my efforts as a writer from the beginning, and she has served as my *home page* while I was mastering the mysteries of Web Design 101 ;p [I am proud that Jen calls me Pandora-oneechan! /(^_-)\]

NOTE:if any fanfic links aren't working, please go to Authors - W on A Sailor Moon Romance or to Jen Wand's Tuxedo Mask Shrine; they both have ALL my published fan fiction to date--Jen Wand has all of Chapter 9 of The Rose Garden unzipped. But if you don't know how to open a .ZIP file, please download one of these popular programs: WinZip or PKZip, and you'll be able to open ANY ZIP file :)

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Yes, the GOH=Guest of Honour. Too bad I couldn't get Tux on my name badge, but I love Hotaru too. After all, *Pandora* is one of Saturn's moons!On June 18 - 20, 1999, I was the Guest of Honour - Fan Fiction at the Anime North Convention in my home town, Toronto Canada. As in previous years, I headed the Sailor Moon fanfic panel (as guest author). I was also one of the three judges of the anime fanfic contest.

Planning is now underway for Anime North Convention 2000, which will be on June 16 -18, 2000. I will be one of the judges of the anime fanfic contest, and will likely be serving on a couple of panels as well. It is my 4th year at this convention and the year 2000 will mark my 3rd year playing a major role there.

Copies are still available of the 1999 Anime North fanfic award winners, fanfic readers! If you love fanfics, please consider ordering the 1999 Anime North zine which has all the award-winning fanfics, as well as my own work, "Usagi's Dark Day At The Dentist". The price is $10.00 Canadian, plus $2.00 shipping & handling, with half the profits going to Toronto's Hospital For Sick Children, a very worthy cause, and the other half to a seed fund for the year 2000 fanfic contest.

As far as I know, Anime North is the only anime convention in North America to support good fan fiction by sponsoring a contest. So if you love fanfics, show your support, buy the Anime North Zine, and tell the rest of the anime world that fan fiction means a lot to anime fans! The address is the same one (Dave Greenlaw) as for entering the AN 2000 fanfic contest--see below:

If you're thinking of entering the Anime North 2000 Fan Fiction Writing Contest, start writing now--the deadline for submissions is April 24, 2000. The contest is limited to the first 35 entries, one per person, received before the deadline, by regular post or e-mail. For full rules, visit the Anime North web site or e-mail Dave Greenlaw at

Send your fanfic entry to:

Dave Greenlaw
Anime North Fanfic Coordinator
1637 Woodbine Hts. Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4B 3A6

or e-mail:

If you've never been to an anime convention, why not give it a try this year? If you can't come up to Toronto for Anime North, the Anipike site lists where anime conventions are being held all over the United States and Canada, and elsewhere in the world (fan conventions don't seem to have caught on the same in other countries as yet).

Anime Conventions Info:

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Pandora and 6 month old Madoka, at my brother's wedding


As of December 10, 1999, I became an aunt for the first time. My brother Brett and his lovely wife, Seonmee, are the the proud new parents of Corwin Grant Jeon MacMillan. You can click on Corwin's name to link to his baby pics page, or if it doesn't work, here's the URL:

I have also kept Brett and Seonmee's wedding pictures from this past spring. Here's a family pic of the MacMillan clan. For those of you interested in Japanese culture [which includes most of you anime Otaku :) ], it was a Buddhist ceremony. No, not the Shinto religion in which Rei is a priestess--this was the Soka Gakkai International [SGI] sect of Buddhism, a reform movement not unlike Protestant sects are to Catholicism. Bride and groom sipped sake from a series of 3 ceremonial saucers, representing the past, present and future, and how their relationship will deepen over time. I really like that romantic concept.

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Click here for my Sailor Moon art gallery /(^_^)\

There are 1000's of Sailor Moon image galleries on the Net, so to make this a little different, this one has a theme--seasonal pics according to the time of year, or holiday, and will mainly feature Naoko Takeuchi's beautiful artwork.

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In the Sailor Moon world, I am also known as: the meticulous Sailor Spell-Check...fighting a desperate and lonely battle for love, justice and...correct grammar and spelling. I am the Senshi Editor..fear me! My Spell-Check page includes tips on fanfic writing. There's also a Net Tools page, with tips and tricks on using the Net and your computer more efficiently.


Lastly, there's my 2 links pages, one for my Personal Fave Links, and one for Sailor Moon and anime links.

Forgive me if my Cyber-Pad is NOT as immaculately organized as Mamoru's apartment, but what place in this universe could be? [SIGH]

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Sayonara!! [As a Goddess, I am way too formal to say Ja ne ;p]


...A Goddess Transported to this Time-Line, ageless and gorgeous, known as the "Setsuna" (well, Setsuna sounds a lot better than Methuselah ;p) of the Sailor Moon Net world...hence the -sama : P
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