Here is a Sailor Moon humour item from my personal collection,
this one in the style of those David Letterman Top 10 lists. In it,
you will see how much alike Usagi and I are [BLUSH!].



10. Why did she become a superhero? Well, it wasn't ANYTHING Luna
Befriended by an intelligent cat ;-)
told her that persuaded her! Despite what she likes to say to
impress youmas, it wasn't anything to do with a sense of
responsibility to fight for love and justice or any of that B.S.

No, it was for one reason only--to meet that sexy guy again [Tuxedo Mask]. Showing that Sailor Moon has a clear sense of the priorities in life.

9. She's always losing or forgetting about important stuff. [Now where IS that bill? And my shopping list?]

8. She cares so DEEPLY about her friends. And shopping. And
clothes. And junk food. And all the other things that make life

7. There are days when she wishes her obnoxious little brother and
her obnoxious kid had never been born. Unlike most of us, however,
she has the singular misfortune of having to deal with her obnoxious
kid ALREADY [the Pink-Haired Princess], BEFORE her obnoxious little
brother has grown up into a human being. Poor poor Usagi. No
WONDER she gets moody.

6. She is universally admired by her friends, who clearly
recognize her leadership qualities [SHADDAP, Rei!!].

5. She has a REALLY BAD hairstyle [those ODANGOS!!] and she's
probably *stuck* with it, cause she can't get her hair to do
anything else. Like a LOT of women I know. Bad hair day, my A--.
Most women I know are having a Bad Hair Life!!

4. Those costumes are WAY COOL. And all those colourful Sailor
Moon posters really cover up those dirty spots and dents on the
wall, which I have no intention of re-painting.

3. She's driving herself CRAZY over a guy [Tuxedo Mask] who is
always disappearing, just as the conversation gets interesting.
Which reminds me, where IS that guy of mine? He was just sitting
there a minute ago. Hey! I was talking to you! Come back here,

2. An intelligent cat [Luna] has befriended her. What more proof
do you need that she is WORTHY? Cats, as we all know, are VERY
FUSSY about who they make friends with. Not like dogs, who will
lick *anyone* who feeds them.
So what's wrong with being a klutzy crybaby?

1. So what's wrong with being a klutzy crybaby, anyway? [OWWW!!
CRASHES into table, bruising shin and knocking over lamp. My guy is
shaking his head in resignation.] You people are SO MEAN!! [SOB!!]

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